You know you need an MBA from a top rank US school,  but not confident of what the next steps are or whom to ask to get an Admit or Financial Aid? 
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Self-Evaluate your profile and devise a winning plan  in matter of few hours if not minutes.
---from GMAT to MBA---
is written on the very principle of empowering students to make the right decision sitting in thier home country

 Be Informed, Be Unique, Be Self Efficient

Anshul Sharma 

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What Admission Officers, Current Students
& MBA graduates in US are saying:

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    Stacey Dorang Peeler

    MBA Admissions Director, Penn State Smeal MBA Program

    "I've had the pleasure of working with Anshul Sharma since he went through the MBA admissions process and worked on my team as a graduate assistant during his time in school. Anshul has been consistently committed to helping others find thier way on the challenging path he has so successfully navigated. Anshul's insights will surely be of great use to those who are cosidering an MBA"

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    Jaspreet Singh

    MBA Graduate­2016, Smeal College of Business ; Intern at Apple Inc.

    "Anshul’s new book “From GMAT to MBA” is a must read for international students applying for MBA programs in USA. Since Anshul have had this experience first­hand, his perspective on MBA admission process is very accurate. Especially with so much information floating around, it is easy for students to get distracted and waste their time and energy on things that don’t really matter. Most students try to focus extensively on just the GMAT score. As a result, they miss investing time on other vital pieces of their MBA application. Anshul’s insights on how to create a well-rounded MBA application and differentiate your profile are invaluable. I personally feel following Anshul’s advice would help prospective students save a lot of time and energy."

  • Harsha Cheruku 

    MBA Graduate 2015, Fuqua School of Business ; Marketing & Strategy - Verizon Business Services

    "from GMAT to MBA” – This book provides great insights into the admission process and clears several of the misconceptions that people from international backgrounds have while applying to a B-School in the US. I was in the same boat as Anshul a few years ago with several incorrect ideas about what is important and what is not, for an MBA application. I had similar challenges during my application process, and the limited exposure always puts us at a bit of a disadvantage. I appreciate Anshul’s effort to spend time, work with people, think through, and put together a structured book that debunks several myths and encompasses almost every aspect required from the thinking process to the execution for a successful admission. I am sure that people who get an opportunity to get their hands on Anshul’s “from GMAT to MBA” would be better informed and prepared for their admissions process than the others who have limited exposure to the admissions process.

So What’s The Book About?

The book is written from a firsthand experience and not from theoretical or academic fluff.
It will SAVE YOU:
- Many hours from getting lost on your journey from GMAT to MBA - What's Next?
- Any misguidance from many novices in this area around you - Be Aware!
- Spending $$$ on hiring consultants to do the job when it should be
really you doing for yourself - Why? 
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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

  1. My Wake Up Calls for International Students: Don't let the competition crush you. 
  2. What Makes MBA Admissions process in the US different: Nuances students are unaware of.
  3. Know what admissions officers are looking for: Why & How you can position yourself uniquely. 
  4. Tackle the rigors of MBA Admissions being away and in your home country: Self-evaluate your profile. 
  5. How to ace the GMAT: my secret sauce to 700+  score in the first attempt!
  6. BONUS: MBA Admissions Tools Kit: Apply the concepts and take a Head Start to MBA applications

Meet Anshul

I wrote this book having a firsthand experience. This is my 10th year in this space and counting...matter of fact...
- I'm an MBA from Smeal College Of Business, Pennsylvania State University and a proud recipient of 100% merit based scholarship for full two years.  
- I've served as Graduate Assistant (paid) on the Smeal MBA admissions team helping with social media and student orientation activities.  
- I'm a passionate & active Student Advisor & Mentor, with years of exprience helping students with most pressing career needs.
- I'm a Technology Enthusiast, with experience working on most disruptive technologies of the modern era. I LOVE IT!!!
- I'm an International Corporate Professional, with experience working in Asia, United Kingdom and North America. 
To know more about me, check my LinkedIn profile

My Call For You To Take Action Now!

Click to get first few Chapters for FREE!

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